Facebook bullies say sorry

Image from video

The school bullies, who were found hitting and choking their classmate in a video posted on facebook, had apologized to the victim yesterday.

Accompanied by their parents, three bullies met the victim and her mother at a Kepong restaurant yesterday evening and served tea to the victim’s mother, a traditional Chinese community custom to seek forgiveness.

According to China Press’s report, the three were seen anxious when serving the tea and were told by their parents to hold the tea cup with both hands and apologise sincerely.

However, the primary perpetrator who is shown to bully the victim the most in the three-minute video did not attend the session.

News of the three apologising to the victim was highlighted on the front page of Sin Chew Daily and China Press today, a day after Deputy Education Minister Wee Ka Siong announced to suspend the four bullies for 14 days.

Wee, who was at the apology session, said the idea to apologize was proposed by the bullies’ parents.

During the session, Wee barred the media from taking pictures when the three were serving tea to the victim’s mother, as reported by China Press.

Wee also claimed that he had privately reprimanded the three before they met with the victim and her parents.

The victim’s mother had forgiven the three, but vowed to take further action if the same incident happens again.