Flooding in Kajang aggravated by poor drainage

The drainage system in the residential area which could not cope with sudden heavy downpour

When the announcement came that the Sungai Jelok to be widen, expectation among the Kajang folks was high that the infrequent but regular flooding of surrounding areas will be mitigated.

But alas, that was not to be. Flood comes as usual after sudden heavy downpour.

The recent flood was one of the worst seen by the Kajang folks and the trend set to continue.

One of the major cause for the flooding is the drainage system through out the residential area could not cope with the sudden heavy downpour.

In order to cope with the flood, Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj) has mooted plan to build several retention ponds to help ease flooding in the town at the cost of RM 1 million.

An overflowing drainage at residential area
An overflowing drainage at residential area

According to a report in The Star, former MPKj president Datuk Hassan Nawawi Abd Rahman said that the Selangor Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) was upgrading Sungai Jelok by deepening the river.

Apart from flood, people of Kajang also had to deal with clogged drains due to residents placing garbage at road side waiting to be collected but conveniently washed down into drain during rainy season.

Flooded road from overflowing drain flows into homes
Flooded road from overflowing drain flows into homes

The clogged drain has also led to various health issues with the spike in dengue cases in Kajang, which has more than doubled. Early last year, there were 2,438 cases recorded with four fatalities.


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