Consumers reminded not to abuse rights

A used car dealer has been ordered to refund the RM850 deposit payment to anĀ unsuccessful car buyer at the Johor Bahru Tribunal for Consumer Claims here yesterday.

Baktiar Jaffar, 50, paid a RM1,000 as deposit to purchase a year 2004 Naza Ria car while the used car dealer awaits for his car loan approval.

Later, he discovered that another used car dealer is able to offer him the same model and year car for less and at a lower car loan interest rate as compared to the former.

Explaining to the Tribunal court, Baktiar said he is unhappy and disappointed with the used car dealer attitude when his request for the refund of the RM1,000 deposit that he has paid was turned down.

He said that the used car dealer gave the excuse that his car loan application has been approved by the bank hence he needs to proceed with the car purchase.

In making her ruling, Tribunal President, Maznah Haron also advised Baktiar that he just cannot simply seek for refund for the deposit paid as there are certain business factors that need to be taken in to consideration.

She remarked that consumers should not abuse its’ rights and one should be aware of the consequences and risks when entering into a transaction.