JPN refuses to register child’s birth

A housewife in Pasir Gudang married with four children has been at her wits end when thinking about the future of her four children who do not have any birth certificates.

An ignorant and gullible housewife Fauziah Ismail, 26,was conned in to paying RM1,300 to a man who offered to help her to get her four children birth certificates.

She initially paid the man RM1,000 and when the man came around to collect the balance RM300, she had no cash in hand and she agreed to give away her washing machine to the man in lieu of the cash payment.

“My husband, Mohd. Izam Kasim are I were legally married for eleven years”, Fauziah said, “and the marriage ceremony in Batu Pahat was witnessed by family members”.

“When she went to the National Registration Department (NRD) to register her first child, she was told by the department that she cannot registered the child under the husband’s surname because the department claimed that marriage certificate the couple had is a fake”, she lamented about her predictment in one breath while speaking to reporters at the Public Complaint Centre here yesterday.

What’s more disturbing, she said, the department told me that I can only register my four children under the surname of Abdullah which she totally refused the suggestion and she had left the matter remain unresolved till now.

Fauziah is still insisting that her marriage is legally registered and is questioning how this fake marriage certificate issue comes about which is affecting the future of my four innocent children.