Proton turns fireball, mother and three daughters rescued

Quick action by passers-by to break the windscreen of a car in the nick of time, saved a mother and her three daughters from being burnt to death when their car caught fire after an accident today.

In the 1.30pm incident, Aizanizan Ismail, 35, a housewife, was driving home with her children when she lost control and crashed into a parked lorry on the opposite side of the road in Cabang Empat Banggol, causing the car burst into flames.

She told reporters that in a state of shock after the crash she was not able to switch off the engine of her car, a Proton Saga, which automatically locked itself.  Passers-by who saw the victims struggling inside the car, broke the car’s windscreen and pulled out the four of them just before the fire broke out.

Aizanizan said she had bought the car only three weeks ago.

When contacted by Komunitikini regarding the locking mechanism, a spokesperson for Proton acknowledged that the company was aware of the news report, but said it could not comment on this particular incident pending an investigation into the locking mechanism.

– source: Bernama