Time to ‘unconference’ with BarCamp in Penang

BarCamp, a one-of-a-kind user-generated conference, also known as ‘unconference’, is set to take place in Penang in mid-May.

The conference, which theoretically would only have participants and no audience, will be held at the KDU College in Penang on May 14.

“There will be four ‘rooms’ with eight different time slots. That basically means that you can listen to 32 different topics,” said Ray Beh, a Penang BarCamp volunteer.

Ray was quick to add every participant is eligible to become a speaker and present his or her ideas.

BarCamp, an international network that arrived in Malaysia back in 2008, are generally known to focus on topics related to technology, especially open-source technology.

It has however in recent conferences been used for a variety of other topics including health care and politics.

Around 70 individuals have so far registered for the forthcoming unconference, which will run from 9 am to 6pm.

To register, please visit http://barcamppenang.eventbrite.com/