Baby Mat Rempit discovered at illegal race


Image by vikush

A young couple must have thought illegal racing was an all family affair.

The husband, 22, and wife, 20, were racing around Dataran Nilai last night with their 15-month old baby boy in tow when they were nabbed by a Federal police team conducting operations against illegal street racers.

It is understood the couple who are living with the husband’s grandmother in Sepang was asked to buy mosquito coil but joined daredevil motorcycle racers in an illegal race instead.

The grandmother, in her sixties, who came to the scene after being contacted by police, gave the duo a number of tight slaps before seizing a plastic bag believed to contain glue, which they (couple) were addicted to.

“No shame, no shame, this is what you are doing,” the elderly lady screamed at both of them in the presence of the police who grabbed the plastic bag from her after realising it contained a prohibited substance.

All through the commotion the little boy was snugly asleep in his father’s arms.

All in all police rounded up some 250 illegal racers in the operation which also covered Nilai 1, Nilai 2 dan Nilai 3.

Meanwhile, the head of the operation ASP Khuzir Abdul Majit said the couple were racing in a Honda Ex5 machine with the baby in the centre.

“We also seized their motorcycles for not having road tax besides having illegal modifications,” he said.

He also expressed dismay that illegal racing had sunk to even lower depths with even parents “getting into the action with babies in tow.”

He added that among the other illegal racers nabbed was a mentally challenged individual who had with him a OKU (disabled person) card issued by the Welfare Department.