Local residents feel insecure over migrant workers in their area


The unusually large presence of migrant workers in Felda Tengaroh 5, Kota Tinggi has created a sense of insecurity and worry amongst the local community.

Many local residents are voicing their displeasure over the matter.

Resident Yusuf Salim, 51, alleged that the sizable number of migrant workers here is making the local community very uneasy.

Besides that, the fear factor is ever presence in their mind on the possible increase of criminal activities in the area, he said.

He urged the relevant authority will monitor the situation closely and seek a solution to address the local community concern,  Yusuf was speaking to reporters when asked about the matter.

Another resident, Abdul Kadi Ibrahim, 56, said the large presence of migrant workers started some four months ago.

He too also wants the relevant authority to seek a comprehensive solution to to problem.

Meanwhile, migrant workers employer, Felda Tengaroh 5 manager, Sarwani Kaimi told reporters that the migrant workers are stationed here temporary as they will be relocated to another area soon.

He said that all the migrant workers are legal work permit holders and are under the close supervision of Felda.