Resolving a long standing dilemma of working mothers

Employers have been urged to seriously consider setting-up childcare centre in their workplace to entice more mothers to rejoin the workforce.

Available statistic indicated that fifty-five percent of the nation women workforce is forced to stop work prematurely to spend time nursing their babies at home which make it almost impossible to go out and work.

The Johor Exco for Women, Family and Community Development, Dr. Robia Kosai was speaking in a state-level National Family Policy briefing session here yesterday.

Also present is the Deputy Director (policy) Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, Anjli Doshi Ghandi.

She said there is such a need for childcare centre facility in a workplace and she strongly urged the public and private sectors to provide the facility to make it more conducive for working mothers to breastfeed their babies which also allows them to work productively.

Such childcare centre facility has long being in existent in developed countries because the employers see the importance and the significant contributions made by working mothers, Dr. Robia added.

Lily Azzura Hangsor, 33, a working mother to a seven month old baby welcomes the proposal to set-up childcare centre in workplace.

She said she will be most happy if such facility can be made available in her workplace.

Adding that now she has to mix her breast milk with formulated milk to feed her baby as her workplace is far from her house.

As for Rozlin Mohamad, 41, a mother of five said that having a childcare centre will resolve the long standing dilemma of many mothers who wish to return to the workforce.

“Many of the working mothers relied on babysitters and maids and this may create unexpected problems at times”, she said.

Rozlin said she believed that many working mothers including her will be very glad if this proposal can be implemented as soon as possible.