Business owners seek urgent government assistance


Ever since Kompleks Pekan Rabu was opened in Tampoi, Johor Bahru some years ago, the business activities there have been on a roller coaster ride.

The complex was almost termed as a white elephant project at one time.

Some fifty business owners are desperately seeking the state government assistance to organise promotional activities to attract back the visitors to the complex.

The complex business owners’ representative, Muhamad Ali said, visitors to the complex is diminishing fast especially over the last three weeks.

He said, when the Johor state Immigration department opened a branch office in the complex, the daily crowd was averaging one thousand.

But after the Immigration department was relocated elsewhere, the crowd dropped drastically said Muhamed Ali during a press conference held here at the complex.

The business owners here are urgently asking the complex management and the state government to initiate some drastic measures to revitalise the complex and to save the business owners.

Muhamad added by saying that they hope that the complex management and the state government will take a serious view on their plights and if the situation does not improves, majority of us will have no other option but to wind up our businesses.



The Complex belongs to the State Government of Johor. The Complex have been in operation since 2004 and been managed by the Perbadanan Usahawan Johor Sdn Bhd since 1st January 2008. The Complex consist of 106 shop lots and 20 unit of eatery outlets.