Batu Pahat Consumer Tribunal swings into action


The Batu Pahat Tribunal for Consumer Claims President, Reihana Abd Razak ordered a tour agency to refund RM698 to its customer here recently.

Tribunal President, Reihana ruled that the tour agency has defaulted on providing its promised services to its customer and to refund the money within fourteen days from judgment date.

She added that, the claimant, Hanifah Mohd, 38, is entitled to the tour package and has the rights to determine the tour date by virtue of her being a member of the tour agency.

Failure to fulfill a promised services contravene section 117 of the Consumer Protection Act 1999 and if found guilty, it carries a maximum fine of up to RM5,000 or two years jail or both.

Hanifah said she paid RM698 to the tour agency to be a member on Mar 7 and decided to book a four days 2 nights Langkawi tour on Mar 13.

The next day she tried calling the tour agency to confirm her booked tour but was always given some unsatisfactory answers and excuses which continue up to Mar 12.

She finally had to use her own money to go on the Langkawi tour with her family.