Sarawak election: Najib launches 1Malaysia mobile river clinic

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak today launched the 1Malaysia river mobile clinic service at the Marudi town jetty to provide health services to the people in the interior areas near Sungai Baram.

The river mobile clinic service, will benefit about 2,000 residents in 13 longhouses in 10 villages from Marudi to Kuala Baram and another 3,000 residents in settlements between Marudi and Long Lama.

Two teams, each comprising a doctor, dentist, pharmacist, medical assistant
and several nurses, are assigned to run the mobile clinic serving the people
living on the banks of the Baram River.

The mobile clinic is a collaboration between the Health Ministry and Yayasan
1Malaysia Development Bhd.

Currently, the “Flying Doctors” service is also used to provide services in
the interior areas of Sarawak by using air transport provided by the Royal
Malaysian Air Force (RMAF).

In his speech to about 4,000 people at the gathering of the People With the
Leader at the Marudi Town Square, Najib announced an allocation of RM60 million
for the construction of the Marudi-Miri Road to facilitate travel between the
two destinations which currently takes about three hours by express boat from
Kuala Baram.

In addition, the Prime Minister also approved an allocation of RM1 million
for the SJK (C) Kee Tee building fund at Long Lama, located in the Telang Usan
state constituency.

Najib, who is on a visit to the interior areas in the north-eastern part of
Sarawak today, later boarded a helicopter to visit the Bario highland which is a
Kelabit community.

– Bernama