Sarawak elections: SNAP attempts to lure Lambir

Despite limited resources, the National Party of Sarawak (SNAP) are mobilizing all that they could, to win over voters in the Lambir constituency in the forthcoming Sarawak state elections.

“SNAP is still a small party, so we campaign within our means, we go from house to house and try and win over the voters,” said a grounded Haji Johari Haji Bujang, SNAP’s candidate for Lambir.

Speaking to Komunitikini while seated under a shelter with torrential rain reigning, Haji Johari remained cautiously optimistic about SNAP’s chances.

“I think it is a bit premature to talk about that,” was his curt reply when asked about what would SNAP plan for the people should they win the seat.

Asked about his chances of winning the seat, Haji Johari said he would ‘leave it to the people to decide’.

“We are providing an alternative for the people to voice out their opinions. I hope the people will give us a chance to represent them at the state assembly,” he elaborated later.

Haji Johari believes that his experience as a servant of the state government will put him in good stead to be considered for the seat.

“I served as a district officer for 35 years under the state government. So the people can be assured that they will get someone who is able to speak on behalf of them at the state assembly,” he added.

Lambir is located some 20km away from one of Sarawak’s major townships, Miri.