Sarawak Election: More jobs and opportunities needed in Limbang

The reason, residents in Limbang have to leave their longhouses and their loved ones to go and work in Brunei is partly due to the government is not creating enough business and investment opportunity in Limbang said DAP’s Bukit Kota candidate, Leong Kwang Yew.

The Limbang DAP chief said this during the visit to Iban long houses at Mile 8 and 9, Kubong, where he is not a stranger to many of the residents.

He said the government should give them titled land, so that they can work on them and become economically independent.

Leong fired salvo at the wrong priorities set by the government, by building a large prison instead of building a well-equipped and well-staffed hospital. Many sick patients die the ambulance reaches Miri hospital, he added.

He also highlighted the “concrete” longhouse, which was built and paid for by the residents themselves.

Before ending his speech, he asked the residents to pledge their votes to DAP, so that they can bring the much needed change in Sarawak.

Jimmy Wong, Thomas Su, Janice Lee, Dr Edwin Bosi and Sabah Iban Merotai Chief Robert Penggai also spoke at the ceramah and their message was simple, through two-party system the people are empowered and they have a choice while at the same time they can change the government every five years if it does not perform and deliver.

Iban votes which represent about 30% in Bukit Kota is crucial if DAP hopes to capture the seat.