The kids are not alright

Eleven students from various public universities in Malaysia, and three journalists, were arrested by auxiliary policemen at KL Sentral on Sunday morning after the former had gathered to protest the parlous state of Malaysian politics.

Calling their movement Jelajah Mahasiswa, after the Jelajah One Malaysia (Jom) of Umno Youth, the group of 80-odd students had held a press conference at the main entrance of KL Sentral at 9.30am, and had intended to travel by train to Seremban to spread their message.

“The reason we are gathered here today is to send out a clear message that the students in this country are well aware of the political climate in our country,” said organising committee member, Izzudin Helmi.

“The recent sex video controversy demonstrates that the politics in our country are without any values and is fast losing its integrity,” said chairman of Solidariti Mahasiswa Malaysia, Ahmad Syukri.

“We are here to make a call for the other youths and citizens of this country, so that we can unite and reject dirty politics here,” he added.

The students were also carrying placards asking for a halt to sex education in the country.

“Sex education’s status in this country is still unclear, and we believe that the presence of such education would be detrimental to the country’s image,” said Safuan, a member from the Persatuan Mahasiswa Islam UM.

All those arrested were released from the Jalan Travers police station later the same day.