Permas Jaya, crime haven

Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, a housing area at the heart of Johor Bharu, seems to be slowly transforming into a crime haven, where residents live in constant fear.

Eight incidents of burglary and robbery had happened in the are in the first three months of 2011 alone, starting from car which was stolen at a house’s compound back in January.

The Foon Yew High School headmaster, who identified himself as Koh, said burglary is now happening in broad daylight in the area, naming his neighbor as among the victims.

Koh, who has been living there for the past 12 years, also said that a lack of cooperation by the residents is making it difficult to implement an effective guarding policy in the area.

“The Rukun Tetangga is not efficient, and thus we need efficiency from the Police instead,” he said.

Chronology of crime in Permas Jaya in 2011 (to date):


1. A car parked outside of the house of the owner was stolen in January

2. A night club director was killed after he was shot five times from close range.

3. A woman along with her maid were abducted, and were released only after ransom was paid.

4. Snatch theft by a motorcyclist left a woman with injuries.

5. A restaurant owner was robbed before Chinese New Year celebrations.

6. Windscreen of a parked car smashed and the belongings taken away.

7. Burglary at a house here saw the owners returning to find an almost empty house.

8. Ten masked robbers robbed a cyber café in late March.