Rocking for rights in Penang

A 12-hour musical carnival called Rock 4 Rights rocked the Fort Cornwallis in Penang over the weekend, at the same time educating the public about the constitutional rights.

The musical carnival, which started at 12pm and played on up until 12am, mixed musical entertainment along with voter registration booths and also books to raise the general[email protected]&hl=en&src=api&x=6378&y=3973&z=13&s=Galpublic’s awareness regarding he constitution.

“At first I was also skeptical if we can get a group of young people to join and sing about the constitution and so on,” said the concert’s emcee Fahmi Fadzil.

“But now when I look around, I think the reception has been great,” added the host of the popular Internet talk show ‘The Fairly Current Show’.

“This is just the beginning. We need to do it more often. Even though I am helping a lot with this event, I myself do not know a lot of things about our constitution.”

“It doesn’t mean we need to believe blindly in the constitution, but to know what space we can use to voice our opinions.”

Balik Pulau MP Yusmadi Yusoff claimed that he was having ‘fun’ during the concert.

“It is the kind of fun that you can have to build a better Malaysia, because the constitution is always going to be close to people’s hearts,” he said.

Constitutional handbooks, a set of nine books each, were sold at the price of RM6 per set to those who attended the concert.

The concert was organised by ‘MyConstitution’, ‘Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia’ and others.



Imran Hilmy

is born and raised in Penang Island and throughout of his younger days has a knack of lyrics and poem writings.Loves to read on history, politics and religions. He believes that he has a role in making this world a better place through his capacity as a Citizen Journalist in CJ.MY.