Innocent girl victimised by “Ah Long”

A clerical staff who just wanted to be known as Nurul, 29 claimed that her life has turned into a nightmare ever since she discovered that her personal particulars has been misused by one of her close friend to take a loan from Ah Long (illegal moneylender).

She admitted that prior to this, she did took a loan of RM2,500 from an Ah Long to help out one of her friend who is having financial problem.

Later, she encountered difficulty in repaying the loan and resorted to taking up loan from another Ah Long to repay the previous loan and this has snowballed into having to borrow from fifteen different Ah Longs.

She said she was thankful that her problems with the Ah Longs were resolved after she sought her father’s assistance.

“I am here to voice my dissatisfaction with my so called close friend named Azrin who has misused my personal particulars to take a loan from Ah Long”, she added.

Nurul said that after the disappearance of her friend Azrin, the Ah Long has been constantly harassing and threatening her.

In desperation, she related the whole incidence to her father who wanted to be known as Ram.

Ram, 60, said that he did received a call from a man named John on Mar 23 at around 8.15pm and was told that Nurul had taken a RM1,500 loan from him.

“John, assumed to be an Ah Long, told me that the total owing to him now plus interests amounted to RM7,000 and has asked him to settle the amount”, he added.

He said he immediately call Nurul to ask her about the loan and she vehemently denied taking the loan.

Ram decided to make a police report at the Nusajaya district police after he received a threatening call from the Ah Long and also noticed that flower pots in his house compound were smashed.

Nurul said she felt more at peace now after been reassured about her safety by the Gelang Patah member of parliament’s office and the relevant authority.

Meanwhile, the member of parliament for Gelang Patah, Tan Ah Eng advised the Ah Longs to co-operate to stop harassing Nurul’s family and to go after the actual borrower instead.