Brickfields traffic labyrinth changes again

Motorists will have to familarise themselves in Brickfields again as another round of roads diversion is set to take place starting 10am next Tuesday (April 5).

The stretch of Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad between Wisma Harapan to SMK Vivekananda will revert to two-way street, while adjoining roads remain one-way.

Jln Sultan Abdul Samad will revert to two-way

DBKL’s corporate communications unit head, Anwar Mohd Zain, said the reversion was done upon the request of local residents and motorists.

In addition, the traffic flow at Jalan Thambypillai, the road which houses a post office, will be reversed but remains one way.

traffic flow along Jalan Thampypilli will be reversed

However, two-way traffic is allowed along a small stretch from Jalan Tun Sambanthan 6 until the Jalan Thambypillai Post Office.

The road which leads towards Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad remains one-way.

The diversion also sees part of Jalan Rozario starting from Jalan Vivekananda junction being converted into one-way, while the part of the road that goes towards Jalan Tun Sambathan remains unchanged.

Lorong Chan Ah Tong, which is opposite of Palm Court Condominium, will be made into one-way street that can access Jalan Tun Sambathan.

Anwar said the change, which was initially scheduled for today (April 1), was deferred to avoid the Friday prayers traffic.

He said the city council will assess the changes in two months before finalising this latest traffic flow scheme for benighted Brickfields.

Five overhead bridges will also be completed by the end of August to cater for the needs of blind community and other pedestrians.

Food trader Chiam Yong Souk does not agree with the reversion of Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad to two-way as he says more traffic congestion will happen.

“There are too many schools along the road. Public buses, school buses and parents all drop by beside the road; it’s is not wise to revert it back to two-way.

“Now the traffic can move fast because the road is wider with one-way rule,” he said.

Meanwhile, DBKL will deploy 15 enforcement officers and five tow-trucks to monitor the situation on the day.