Hospital bureaucracy compliance over humantarian factor


If a person is a chronic illness stricken victim and lacks certain  personal particulars, they cannot apply to continue seeking medical treatment in any hospital in the country irrespective of where he or she is currently residing.

This happened to B. Indrani, 51, a single parent, who is initially from Ipoh, Perak and now lives in Skudai, Johor for over seven years.

She has been made to travel to Ipoh hospital to continue her treatment once in 2 months since she was diagnosed with mouth cancer in 2003.

She said after her husband passed away, she decided to move to Skudai, Johor to look after her 91 year old mother.

“I have asked for my case to be referred to a hospital in Johor Bahru but  it was rejected due to some incomplete personal particulars in my document.” said Indrani.

She said not only she has to budget RM250 for the bus fares but she also has to put up with the long tiring eight hours trip. Soon enough she decided to stop seeking treatment through this arduous routine more than a year ago.

” I have not been working since stricken with the illness because I get tired easily and now I am depending on the SOCSO payout of RM270 per month”, she added.

Indrani said in spite of her worsening health condition, she still need do odd jobs to make ends meet as she also needs to pay for the house rental which is RM500 per month.

She hope that the hospital here in Johor Bahru will look into her plight in allowing her to continue her medical treatment here.