It’s just fun exercise, says Prime Minister’s Department of Poco-Poco dance

Poor, confused kids. What next, ballet? / image by hevonens

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Dr Mashitah Ibrahim said the “poco-poco” dance was just another form of exercise and should not be banned nationwide.

“The dance differs from one place to another. Even the songs are different. It has probably become an issue in Perak, but in other states, the dance is regarded like another form of an exercise,” she told reporters here today.

She was commenting on the Perak Fatwa Committee’s decision to ban the dance as announced by mufti of Perak Harussani Zakaria recently.

Harussani was also reported as saying that the dance was haram (illegal)  for Muslims because it had elements of Christianity and soul worshiping, and that the edict on the matter would be gazetted soon.

Mashitah said: “So far, the decision has yet to be gazetted and has not taken effect. When it takes effect, it will only be in Perak as the decision wasnot the collective decision of the muftis nationwide.”

When asked whether the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) would consider banning the dance, Mashitah said it would be done if there was a complaint from the public.

“So far, there is no complaint which says that the dance is associated with the elements that contravene Islamic religious teachings. So, if nobody complained, there is no reason for us to study it,” she said.

Earlier, the deputy minister pre-launched the collection of photographs andfacts about mosques in Malaysia titled “Mosque: Symbol of Islamic Civilisationin Malaysia”.

– Bernama