‘High-tech’ garbage trapping system malfunctions within months

River pollution

A ‘high-tech’ garbage trapping system in Sungei Plentong here in Johor is now in a deplorable state, mere months after starting operations.

The garbage trapping system was built to trap and prevent solid garbage from drifting to sea, but has since been vandalised and has not been operating at full capacity for the past few months.

A residents’ representative, Heong Kek Kiong, 51, said the high-tech garbage trapping system has only been functioning for less than a year since it was installed.

As a result, the garbage in the river is now flowing freely through the garbage trap and drifting into the sea, he said.

“Even though the site is fenced-up, there is no lighting and furthermore the place is also unguarded thus leaving it open to vandalism and theft”, he explained.

Heong reiterated that the garbage trapping system is indeed a good project but he questioned why the relevant authorities didn’t look into securing it and its maintenance.

Large amounts of garbage now get entangled in the trap and the garbage is only cleared once a month.

He said the residents are complaining of the nauseating smell generated from entrapped garbage.

“If only the relevant authorities can discuss the issue with us, we as residents are even prepared to be responsible for maintaining the whole garbage trapping system”, he said.