Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa belasahs the box office

Kru Studios Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa has ‘membolot’ RM6.3 million at the box office since March 10.

The film’s producer, Norman Abdul Halim, says that this shows that the Malaysian public accepts more than just inane comedies and unintentionally funny horror movies.

He was met after the screening of the movie which was attended by Information Communication and Culture Deputy Minister Maglin Dennis D’Cruz, who represented the minister, Dr Rais Yatim.

Norman said that besides Singapore and Brunei, 69 other countries are expected to screen the film from May until August. The film cost RM8 million to produce and 21 months to complete.

It stars Stephen Rahman Hughes as Merong Mahawangsa who tries to free the abducted Chinese princess (Jing Lu Si) from the Garuda kingdom and resurrect the glory of the kingdom of Langkasuka.  Merong Mahawangsa is the king of Langkasuka.

— Bernama