Malaysian bhangra for the rest of the world to enjoy

Goldkartz, dubbed the Malaysian Bhangra ambassadors, is set to launch their second album globally this Friday.

Apart from releasing the album called “24 Karaatz” in the Malaysian capital,they will also release it simultaneously in United Kingdom, Europe, Canada,United States and India on the same day.

Goldkartz, a group formed by brothers Manjit Singh Gill @ M-ji and Sukhjit Singh Gill @ Surj, took almost 18 months to complete the album.

Manjit, who is the producer and director of the album, said the album was designed to be unique as it contains Malaysian elements.

“This album offers Malaysian Bhangra for the rest of the world to enjoy,” Manjit, a lawyer by profession, told Bernama.

The duo are sons of Malaysia National Sikhs Movement President and former President of Asian Cycling Confederation Darshan Singh Gill.

“Taking into account that Malaysia is a multi-racial, multi-lingual and multi-cultural society, we have included the album track with India’s leading vocalist,” he said.

He said his younger brother, Surj, the leading vocalist, also sang a song called “Rock With You” together with South Indian leading singer, Shankar Mahadevan.

Goldkartz made their debut album called “Loaded” in 2008.  — Bernama