Sabah teachers falling for scams and Ah Longs

The Education Ministry has been urged to initiate a move to encourage secondary schools and teacher training institutes throughout the country to set up more consumer clubs.

In making the call, Sabah Consumer Activist Datuk Patrick Sindu said this was because members of the consumer club would be exposed to the various options to manage their income effectively throughout their lifetime once they get a job.

“From what we gather, most school leavers, after getting a job, tend to spend lavishly even though their income is limited.

“So these consumer clubs play a vital role in inculcating the culture to spend within their means,” he told Bernama, here today.

Patrick said he also noticed a worrying trend of late where many trained teachers in the state were reported to be enticed into the traps of “Ah long” activities and get-rich-quick schemes, a plan to acquire high rates of return for a small investment.

“Some of them were reported to have lost thousands of ringgit to these get-rich-quick schemes. That’s why we need to set up consumer clubs in the teacher training institutes to help them face these challenges,” he said.

In this respect, Patrick hoped the Education Ministry would help facilitate the formation of consumer clubs in schools for the common good.