Teachers’ dedication pays off

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Dato’ Penggawa Timur (SMKDPT) managed to maintain its SPM record of one hundred percent passes for two consecutive years.

The school principal, Rohanah Esmail was pleased to note that one of the student has emerged as one of the top 39 students in the state who scored 10A+.

She said in term of performance percentage, there is a slight increase from 9.4 percent in 2009 to 9.9  percent where there are 19 students that scored 10As in.

Besides receiving the Certificate of Excellence for achieving one hundred percent passes, the school also received the School Average Grade (GPS) award which exceeded the  state ETR when the school managed to achieve a 2.41 GPS.

She added that she was thankful and pleased that the school has shown marked improvement in the 2009 PMR, SPM and STPM results.

” I guess the contributory efforts made are the same as other schools but its effectiveness is enhanced by the 2-stage motivational programme that we have given to the students that makes the difference”, she said.

The student adoption programme was also introduced where students are guided by the school teachers where top students can excel further and the weaker students can improve on their marks.

The first stage of the 3-days motivation programme will be held in a hotel in March or April whereas the 2nd stage 1-day programme which we called the final sprint will exposed students to questions answering techniques.

Rohanah said that the school is aiming higher for the 212 students who are sitting for their SPM this year and also to maintain the one hundred passes record.

The school is putting more efforts to improve on the 2.41 GPS and to produce 21 or 22 straight As students in all subjects, she said.