Body slimming treatment gets complicated

The President of the Tribunal for Consumer Claims, Faridah Abrahim ordered a slimming center to refund RM5,000 to its customer for failing to fulfill its promise as stated.

Civil servant, Noraihan Juhari, 34, told the Tribunal that she suffered skin inflammation after undergoing slimming treatment at the center.

She started her slimming treatment in November 30 last year and has paid RM9,500 for the ‘hot blanket’ slimming treatment package.

Noraihan claimed that parts of her body especially her knee, left shoulder, elbow, thigh and stomach were experiencing inflammation after 3 slimming treatments.

Initially, she didn’t take much notice of the inflammation and continue her treatment up to the 9 session where the inflammation started to get worse and she stopped.

” I was feeling dissatisfied and started to seek explanation from the slimming center manager about my skin inflammation but the manager just advised me to discontinue the treatment for the time being and re-continue the treatment after the inflammation has subsided”. she added.

She said she was worried that the slimming treatment formula may contain harmful or banned substances that caused the skin inflammation.

Every time when she asked for an explanation, the center will give excuses that the packaging for the treatment keeps changing.

She advised women who want to slim down to be more cautious about the slimming package offer made by slimming centers as these centers tend to shirk their responsibilities when complications set in during the treatment process.

She said it’s better for one to go for physical exercises like jogging to slim down instead of going to the slimming center.