15,000 jobs available in Johor


There are about 15,000 jobs available for Johoreans to take up ranging from production operators right up the professional level jobs.

This figure was released by the director of Johor Labour department, Sritharan Kathirasen at the Career and Job Placement Programme Carnival 2011, here yesterday.

He also added by saying that employers now are seeking for higher qualified employees and not just PMR and SPM qualification level.

Sritharan said the current below 4% unemployment rate in Johor is normal and it can be translated to read as full employment.

Nonetheless, the department is targeting to get those available jobs filled and the question of unemployment does not arise, he said.

The current national unemployment rate is 3.2% which involves 391,200 people out of the total labour force of 12,059,700 that are fully employed in the country.

The department is targeting between 30-40% of the total 15,000 available jobs to be filled up by end of this year.

Sritharan advised job seekers to visit the 2 Jobs Malaysia information booths in the state which will be closing this Saturday.

One is located in Danga Bay, Johor Bahru and the other is in Segamat where job seekers can source for available suitable jobs and seek advice or get job placement assistance service from the booth counter.

He said to-date some 40,000 employers have registered with Jobs Malaysia nationwide and more than 4,000 companies both from the public and private sectors are listed in Jobs Malaysia website.

Looking at the website data, out of the total 193,739 available jobs listed in the country, there are still 162,180 jobs which are not taken up.

The locations of Johor Bahru Labour department offices in are:

JTK Negeri Johor
Tingkat 3, Blok A,
Wisma Persekutuan,
Wisma Jalan Ayer Molek,
80000 Johor Bahru,

Tel: 07-2275080 / 81 / 82
Telekerja: 07-2229111
Faks: 07-2232303
Email: [email protected]

JTK Cawangan Johor Bahru
Tingkat 9 & 10, Menara Ansar,
65, Jalan Trus, 80000
Johor Bahru, Johor

Tel: 07-2222400 / 2243188 / 89
Telekerja: 07-2229111
Faks: 07-2227717
Email: [email protected]