Sixteen nabbed in Immigration covert ops


The Johor Bahru Immigration enforcement unit arrested 16 migrant workers working illegally in a Tampoi hypermarket here yesterday.

Prior to swinging into action in the 7.30pm special operations, the Immigration enforcement team has been monitoring the migrant workers for an hour in going about their work in slaughtering chickens in the wet market section of the hypermarket.

All 16 migrants workers were busy at work at the various stalls when the Immigration enforcement moves in.

Upon questioning, the migrant workers aged between 20-40 years old were all on social visit pass and has been in the country for the last four months.

They were all subsequently detained when they failed to produce the required work permits.

The deputy director of Immigration said that the covert operations caught the migrant workers by surprise but a few managed to escape.

The arrested 16 migrant workers will be charged under Section 39B of the Immigration Act 1963 for abuse of the social visit pass and for working illegally.