Bandar Sunway CIMB customers lose thousands in duplicated transactions

A woman who frequents the Bandar Sunway CIMB branch was shocked to learn some RM100,000 in her account has been illegally withdrawn.

Even MCA’s Theng Book has fallen prey to the same syndicate.

The woman, only wished to be known as Jenny, said she had deposited more than RM300, 000 when she opened a saving and current accounts at the branch last September.

She claimed that the bank would frequently call her and inform her that she had insufficient credit every time she issues a cheque for RM 1,000, she told reporters during a press conference today

She became even more suspicious when the bank management called her last week to say that her RM1009 cheque cannot be processed, in spite of her making a RM 5000 deposit to the same account the previous week.

“As I printed out the bank statement, I found that every time I withdrew money from the account, a duplicated transaction will automatically take place for a third party,” she said.

She recalled withdrawing RM500 on January 24, and that her balance prior to the withdrawal was RM 22,000.

“But the ATM machine’s receipt showed that I was only left with RM17,000 of balance after the transaction.”

“A total of RM4500 has been transferred to third parties the moment I withdrew,” she added.

The reference numbers of the unauthorised transactions also do not follow the rightful sequence, as the reference numbers of RM500 transaction ends with 9577, but the unauthorized’s one ends with 9570.

Jenny is now suffering a combined loss of RM100, 000 from both her current account and savings account.

“These are all my hard-earned money. I trust the bank to protect me,” she said (right).

Theng Book lost RM50,000

The victim yesterday approached Selangor MCA Public Complaint Bureau to air her grievances, but only to find that its bureau chief Theng Book suffered a similar fate.

Thang said he lost RM50,000 last December.

The unauthorized transaction was done in a similar manner to Jenny’s, as an extra amount of RM1500 to RM3000 will be debited each time Thang withdrew from his CIMB account.

“My account limit is RM3000, I wonder how they can debit RM3000 while I already withdraw RM1500 on the same day,” he said, adding that his account was also registered at the Bandar Sunway branch.

Thang also criticized the slow response from the bank’s management as he is yet to get his money back after three months.

“I was given a runaround between the branch and the CIMB headquarters. The management said they will show me the close-circuit television footage with the presence of a policeman.”

“That meeting is yet to take place,” he said.

Thang hopes that the bank management will take swift action and form a committee to handle ATM cardholders’ complaints.

Both Thang and Jenny have also lodged a police report each.

“If we do not get a satisfactory response, we will resort to legal actions,” Thaeng (right), who is also a lawyer, said.

He also called on the other victims to contact the Selangor MCA bureau at 03 7956 2266.