Woman falls to death

A body of a woman identified as Lu Siew Huen, 38, was found sprawled in a lane at about 12.00pm in a 12 -storey Sri Panglima apartment in Bukit Saujana here yesterday.

Kaseh Selamat, 31, a kinder garden teacher was among the first to know there is a body lying in the apartment lane.

She said she did not suspect anything unusual as she did not hear any sound or commotion the whole morning as she is about 10 meters away from the fall scene.

She was alerted by a parent of her students who told her that there is a body lying on the lane.

Kaseh said she was afraid to approach the body and has instructed her assistant to check on the condition of the woman.

When her assistant told her that the woman is dead, she immediately call the police.

She added that she has been teaching here for the last 5 years and has not seen the woman before.

The apartment security guard, Ibrahim Kassim said he has been guarding the apartment for 10 years and he too has not seen the woman before and acknowledged that the dead woman is not a resident of the apartment.

He said he didn’t know which floor the woman was going to but a woman handbag was found at the 12th floor which he assumed may belonged to the dead woman.

A quick ask around with the residents also drew a blank. Nobody knows who the dead woman was.

From the identification paper found, she is said to be from Tebrau, Johor Bahru.

Meanwhile, OCPD, Johor Bahru (South), Zainuddin Yaacob confirmed the incident and said that the case has been classified as sudden death and investigation will be carried out.