Stop sexual crime against women and children

Almost every day, we come across sexual crimes committed against women and children. When these crimes happened, rightly so, public outrage was expressed. However, after some time, the outrage dies down and people move on, forgeting all about the crimes.

A group of concerned individuals and NGOs came together to start the ‘Kempen Rakyat Pulau Pinang: Stop Sexual Crimes Against Children’(KRPP).

The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness among the general public, that they, as a community, should make it as their responsibility to help prevent such crimes from happening in their neighbourhood, homes and schools.

KRPP  presently consists of 21 organisations such as Suaram Penang, Children’s Protection Society, Penang Family Health Development Association, Young Women’s Chiristian Association (YWCA), Girl Guides of Penang and Women’s Centre for Change (WCC).

KRPP plans to carry out one year campaign, which aims to sign up 1,000 organizations in support of this campaign and seek their assistance to organize at least 100 forums and workshops.

On Saturday, 19 March, KRPP is organizing the ‘Stop Sexual Crimes Walk’ in Queensbay Mall at 5.00pm at. This walk is in conjunction with the International Women’s Day. Penang State Women, Family & Community Development, Committee and the Penang Sports council will be co-organizing this event.

The aim of the walk is to gather as many people as possible – families, children, community, groups, organisations, companies and individuals to show their solidarity against the prevention of sexual violence against women and children.

Up to date 680 participants had signed up which consists of mothers, children, factory workers and college students had signed up..

Penang State exco for Women, Family and Community Development, Ong Kok Fooi, and Bukit Mertajam MP, Chong Eng and the representatives from police force will lead the walk..

Women’s Centre for Change executive director, Loh Cheng Kooi, said that children are the future of our nation and should be protected and not violated.

“It makes us angry and outraged. We find these rising sexual crimes unacceptable, especially when it happens to children. We have had enough of violence in our society. Show your support and make a difference by walking,” said Loh, who is the main organizer of this event.


Lim Kah Cheng from the Good Governance and Gender Equality Society (3 Gs), which is part of the coalition in KRPP also urged people to come forward to participate in the walk and  join KRPP.


For further details of the Walk to Stop Sexual Crimes, or to register for the walk, please visit WCC’s website at:


To join KRPP, call Miss Wang at tel. 04-2624059 or email [email protected]

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