Cholera outbreak in Limbang

The people in Limbang have been advised to take precautionary measures following a Cholera outbreak which saw 111 cases recorded over the past week.

Limbang Member of Parliament Hasbi Habibollah today said although the situation was now contained by the Health Department, the role of the public would effectively prevent the disease from spreading.

Speaking to reporters, he said the department’s focus had been within and around several villages along the Batang Limbang river, since one of the victims was believed to be from the area.

“I have been informed that the people of Kampung Buang Abai, Kampung Pandam,Kampung Mengatai, Kampung Gadong and Lubok Piasau were among the focused area,”he added.

The outbreak was first detected on March 6, when several guests of a wedding reception at Kampung Buang Abai were hospitalized, after complaining of stomachache and nausea.

Following the incident, the Health Department had sought the local authority to turn the Limbang Indoor Stadium into a temporary ward to isolate affected patients.

Meanwhile, Bukit Kota State Assemblyman, Dr Abdul Rahman Ismail said thoseaffected could be from areas in the constituency where there was no piped watersupply to provide clean water.

Dr Abdul Rahman who was the former Limbang Hospital director before becomingan assemblyman, had requested people in the affected areas to be prepared to be quarantined, in order to curb the spread of the disease.

While the health service authority would go all out to prevent the disease from spreading, he said the public should not take the roles that they could play, lightly.

“Some may claim that there are just isolated cases, but we should not underestimate the situation and take precautionary measures instead,” he added.

— Bernama