Water and electricity restored to 600 Orang Asli

Six hundred Orang Asli of the Jahut tribe in Kampung Pasu, Pahang, are happy again.

This follows the restoration of water and electricity supply to their village multi-purpose hall after they reached an out-of-court settlement with the state government.

The settlement, containing terms consented to by both parties, was recorded by the Court of Appeal’s three-man panel comprising Jeffrey Tan Kok Wha, Mohamad Apandi Ali and High Court judge Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof.

With the settlement, father-and-son appellants Wet Ket and Yaman Ket agreed to withdraw their appeal against the decision of the Temerloh High Court to dismiss their application for a judicial review of the Temerloh district and land office decision to cut water and electricity supply to the hall.

The tribes in that village have used the multi-purpose hall as a community hall, day-care centre and tuition centre for their children. It also functioned as a church to 70 Christians.

The appellants, the district office and the state government came up with the out-of-court settlement after they were requested to do so by Mohamad Apandi who said the matter could be settled and sorted out as it involved basic amenities.

– Bernama