Letter: Doubts about Bukit Jalil LRT station

by a Bukit Jalil resident

I would like to take this opportunity to raise my concerns with regards to the proximity of an LRT track being built, to my house at Taman Esplanad, Bukit Jalil.

I understand that the relevant authority has shifted the track farther away from the houses at Taman Esplanad, Bukit Jalil, however the re-alignment only starts right after my house. In other words, the proposed LRT track is still being built right behind my house.

My question to the authority is:

1. If the LRT track is proposed following the guidelines, why the selective re-alignment?

2. I understand the project also involves diverting a river to make way for the LRT, but why not divert the LRT track to opposite river? That would preserve the natural surrounding and the environment, and might require less expenditure.

3. I understand that only a few houses are affected by this move but does it mean that the authority can ignore our concerns?

I really hope the authority can learn from their past mistakes and not repeat them again. I also really hope the media can look into the matter and help prevent the authority from making decisions that impact our environment.