Proposed Kota Belud dam yet to go through feasibility study

The Sabah government has yet to conduct a feasibility study on the proposed dam in Kampung Tambatuon in the Kota Belud ?district due to objection from the villagers who fear the project could affect their livelihood, Sabah Assistant Minister of Community Development and Consumer?Affairs Herbert Timbun Lagadan said recently.

He said the government planned the dam for the benefit of the people and, as such, he hoped that the villagers would consider the matter in the long-term interest.

The assemblyman for Kadamaian spoke to reporters after launching International Women’s Day celebrations at Wisma Wanita.

He was asked about?the latest development on the proposed dam across Sungai Kadamaian in the?village.

The villagers had objected to the proposed dam fearing that the project would affect the environment around their village which is close to the Kinabalu?Park, a world heritage site.

They claimed that though the dam was important to generate more padi?cultivation and agropolitan projects in the Kota Belud district, the company engaged to prepare the assessment report had never consulted the them.

Herbert said the dam was important in facing any eventuality, such as drought.

He said the dam would not prevent the villagers from continuing to plant?padi but would help reduce dependence on imported rice.

– Bernama