Wong Fei-hung cosplay wins over crowd at Comic Fiesta 2017

Justin Wong (left) dressed in costumes role-playing the character China’s legendary kung-fu master Wong Fei-hung posing with Venom (right), the Spiderman in black suit.

China’s legendary kung-fu master Wong Fei-hung (who lived between 1847–1924) was brought to life during Comic Fiesta 2017 with the cosplay by 27-year old Justin Wong.

The large crowds that were with Justin all the way were amazed at how well he, dressed in traditional Chinese garments, brought the character to life showing off his breath-taking kungfu stretches and moves to Wong Fei-hung classic theme song titled “A Man Should Better Himself” played loudly on a recorder.

The kungfu master practitioner said he always admired Wong Fei-hung and his kung fu since growing up as a kid.

Awesome cosplay – Wong Fei-hung and Venom pose.


Wong Fei-hung vs Ghost Rider at Comic Fiesta 2017.

“I have always liked kung fu since I was a 5-year-old kid. I grew up watching all the Wong Fei-hung martial arts movies. I fell in love and started practicing the fighting styles practiced by Wong Fei-hung. So when I heard about the ACG event, I knew I had to cosplay it,” Justin told Citizen Journalist Malaysia (CJMY).

Justin said he has been regularly keeping up his king fu practice as much as he can to train his mind, body and maintain discipline.


55,000 fans visited the two-day Comic Fiesta 2017 convention at KLCC.

Comic Fiesta 2017 held on Dec 16-17 attracted 55,000 manga and anime fans, where thousands of cosplayers, including Justin Wong, congregated inside and outside of KLCC convention centre.

“Every year, it is always a sight to see a large number of Malaysian youths embracing the ACG culture and enjoying the content we have offered. Our ultimate goal for us is to bring awareness of the creative industry to young Malaysians youths. As always, we will continue to deliver a successful ACG convention that will always be for fans by fans,” said Comic Fiesta organising committee chairman Lim Chin Hwa.


Comic Fiesta 2017 draws big crowds.


The creative art market with over 300 unique groups at Comic Fiesta 2017.


A live art drawing demo at Comic Fiesta 2017.

Other highlights and floor activities included over 300 creative art booths and more than 80 exhibitor booths, art demo, solo cosplay competition, appearance of cosplay guests from all around the world and stage performances, among others.

Since its inception in 2002, Comic Fiesta has grown considerably over the years from its small-sized event with 100 attendees to over 40,000 attendees last year. 2017 marked the 15th year of Comic Fiesta presence in Malaysia.


Three fans dressed in colourful costumes and a visitor pose as they enjoy Comic Fiesta 2017.


It sure is fun to see the children enjoying themselves at Comic Fiesta 2017.


Wonder Woman cosplay attracts big attention at Comic Fiesta 2017.


Colonel Sanders cosplay at Comic Fiesta 2017.


Cosplayers dressed as their favourite characters from Re Zero, a novel by Nagatsuki Tappei.


Deadpool cosplay.


Characters from Japanese manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure in striking pose at Comic Fiesta 2017.


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