Wisma Wanita service counters not only for women

Service counters at Wisma Wanita here are to provide information on family and social matters to all members of the public, and not just women.





Picture from Insight Sabah

Sabah Women Affairs Department director Datuk Siti Sapoo Ahok said today that male family members had been approaching the counters for information, which they found useful.

In view of this, the department had decided to open the counters, originally meant to serve women only, to all, she said.

The counters also publicise programmes for women and have been particularly useful to women groups.

Siti Sapoo said the counters would be open during office hours to deal with complaints or problems related to family and social matters.

She said that problems brought to the counters which were outside the purview of the department would be chanelled to the appropriate agencies.

“We will do follow up action with the agencies concerned to help members of?the public with problems,” Siti Sapoo said.

– Bernama