The KomKini Bus Guide

Contradictory news reports about the new bus hub of Bandar Tasik Selatan Terminal (BTS) have left many travellers confused about whether they should catch their buses there, or at the Bukit Jalil temporary bus terminal.

Komunitikini has come up with this handy formula for travellers: BJU-north, BTS-south.

(BJU = Bukit Jalil, Utara, geddit?)

To explain, the Bukit Jalil temporary bus terminal will continue to serve as a hub for northbound buses while the new Bandar Tasik Selatan Terminal will serve for southbound buses.

However, this situation is only temporary, until April 16.

Federal Territories and Urban Well-Being Minister, Raja Nong Chik, has announced that the newly refurbished Puduraya bus terminal will re-open April 16.

Puduraya will replace the Bukit Jalil bus terminal to serve northbound buses from April 16, with BTS maintaining its status as a southbound bus hub.

Head for Malacca and Singapore via BTS Terminal

Bandar Tasik Selatan Terminal was initially thought to be a better alternative to the decades-old Puduraya terminal, as the former sits in a posh RM570 million building with fully air-conditioned platforms and digital ticketing system.

However, it was revealed late last year that the terminal will only serve southbound buses and will not act as a permanent replacement for the evergreen Puduraya.

The BTS terminal went fully operational two days ago, and now all southbound travellers wanting to go to Malacca, Johor Bahru, Singapore or other southern destinations, must embark from BTS.

Pictured below is a list of bus companies and their destinations. Travellers can purchase tickets these destinations at the central ticketing counters of BTS, which are managed by the terminal’s management company.

Travellers simply need to choose a bus operator, and their time of departure.

Some popular bus companies, such as Plusliner Transnational Express, KKKL Express and Sri Maju Express, however, run their own ticket-selling counters.

Their counters are situated on the same floor, some distance away from central-ticketing counters.

Three companies in this terminal service bus routes to Singapore: Five Stars Express, Konsortium Express and Star Mart Express.

Go North from Bukit Jalil (until April 15)

On the other hand, all bus companies servicing the northern routes are still at the Bukit Jalil Temporary Terminal, until the reopening of Puduraya on April 16.

Hence, to reach Penang, Ipoh or Taiping by bus, embark on your journey from Bukit Jalil.

For more information, please contact BTS at +603 9057 5804/5802 or the Bukit Jalil Terminal management at 012 58111 32.