Outstanding traffic summonses up to 18 million

A total of 18 million summonses for traffic offences issued by the Police, Road Transport Department (JPJ) and Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) from 2000 to 2009 have yet to be settled, according to a joint media statement issued by the three authorities.

Of the figure, 15.6 million were summonses issued by the police, 1.8 million by DBKL and 608,070 by JPJ.

JPJ director-general Solah Mat Hassan who provided copies of the statement to pressmen here today, said between Feb 11 and 17, only 1,227 JPJ summonses were settled while the numbers for the Police and DBKL were 113,447 and 35 respectively.

He also reminded offenders not to wait for the last minute to settle their summonses in view of the deadline being Monday.

“The question of places to pay does not arise as this can be done at post offices which number over 600 in the country. It is not only JPJ offices and police stations where summonses can be paid,” he said.

Meanwhile, Solah said the new compound rates for settling traffic summonses would come into force on March 1 and would be uniformly applied by the three agencies.

The rates will apply for offences committed from March 1 whereas the old rates introduced in 2007 apply for summonses issued prior to March 1.

Solah said as per the amended Road Transport Act, traffic offenders who do no settle their summonses within the stipulated would be blacklisted by JPJ and the Police, and as for DBKL and other enforcement agencies involved, a blacklisting mechanism had yet to be fixed.

Prior to this, Transport Minister Kong Cho Ha had announced a new structure for paying fines for traffic summonses whereby offenders pay less the faster the pay up and stiffer fines for delayed payment.

– Bernama