Ops Motosikal yields 211 summons

RTD Ops in Pasir Gudang
RTD enforcement officers
in Ops Motosikal

About 211 traffic summons were issued for various traffic offences during a traffic operation code named “Ops Motosikal” conducted by Johor Road Transport department recently.

The operation was conducted last Saturday night at three traffic light junctions Pasir Gudang, and lasted two hours, from 9.30pm to 11.30pm.

Deputy Director of RTD Ismail Ahmad said that some motorists were willing to risk their lives by going against the traffic flow to avoid being caught.

The vehicle registration number of these motorists has already been noted and the owners will be summoned to the RTD office for further investigation under section 114.

Those found guilty will be issued with relevant summonses.

He added that the operation was necessary in view of the high fatality rate involving motorcyclists that reached 6000 cases in year 2010 alone.

Of the 211 traffic summonses issued during the operation, 98 were for riding without a valid licence, 76 for riding with expired road tax, 23 for riding a motorcycle with technical faults and 14 for other offences.

Twenty nine motorcycles were seized for not having road tax, though no arrests were made.

A total of fifty-six RTD enforcement personnel were involved in this operation.

Ismail said an operation of such nature will be carried out from time to time.

He hoped that such operations will help reduce the fatality rate involving motorists.