Police seek local community cooperation

Inspector General of Police Ismail Omar wants the local communities in the state to continue working closely with the?police to fight crime.

Their participation is very important to help lower crime rate in the?country, especially the state, he said during a meet-the-people session at the?Malay Union Club in Kamoung Datu Baru recently.

“Whenever and wherever there is close co-operation and ties, criminals and?trouble makers tend to shy away. This bond is like a wall or an obstacle to?those with evil intention,” he said.

On the other hand, he said it was very dangerous if the people were?apathetic, did not care for each other or refuse to work with the police.

Ismail meanwhile, commended the local police under ACP Shafie Ismail for?their success in bringing down crime rate and gangsterism in the town since the?past three years.

He added that the government had also reviewed the Restricted Residence Act?1933 due to widespread complaints from small rural town folks that bad hats or?criminals banished from cities or bigger towns were a bane to the locals.

They feared that the presence of these banished people would become a source?of bad influence on youngsters.

“We have done the review. Just wait for the decision which will be announced?later,” he said.

On an incident about two days ago in Bintulu where a group of gangsters had?been used to terrorize longhouse folks, Ismail said he had directed the state?police commissioner Mohmad Salleh to investigate it.

Bintulu member of parliament Tiong King Sing had told Chinese?newspapers that gangsters were used to terrorize local folks over dividend?problems related to an oil palm plantation joint venture.

Ismail said those who threatened or frightened others using force could be?considered as committing criminal act and the police would take necessary action?if there was proof.

– Bernama