Government targets Orang Asli

The government has set a target of sending at least 10 Orang Asli for overseas studies every year, said Senator Muhammad Olian Abdullah yesterday.

Muhammad Olian, who represents the Orang Asli in the Dewan Negara, said that RM30 million was set aside for the education of Orang Asli children every year.

The money was for food, uniforms, textbooks, scholarships and aid for poor students, he said when launching the “motivation for Orang Asli students” at Sekolah Kebangsaan Kampung Teluk Sentang near Kerdau.

He said there were 106 Orang Asli with degrees, including doctorates. Muhammad Olian said that almost 100 per cent Orang Asli received aid from the government.

This report does not specify what kind of aid, nor the number and distribution of Orang Asli who receive such government aid, from around the country.

— Bernama