Car trouble of a lasting kind

Kua(left) and Chong in press conference
Kua (left) and Chong at the press conference

Unable to cope with his Perdana car monthly instalments, carpenter Chong Chin Fu, 30 gladly welcomed a friend’s assistance to help him service his monthly instalment of RM590 towards an outstanding loan of RM30,000. Last May, he handed the car to his friend named Andy without signing any documents.

Chong, at a press conference organised by the Johor Bahru MCA Youth, revealed that not only has Andy failed to service the loan for nine months, he instead passed on the car to another person to settle his own personal debts. Andy has since disappeared.

Last September, Chong by chance saw his car in an accessories shop in Taman Setia Indah and enquired about the car from the current ‘owner’,  who reacted badly to Chong.

Chong has lodged a police report and also notified his bank. Chong claims that the bank cannot repossess the car due to current owner’s aggressive nature. He is now concerned that the car could be used for criminal activities, and he will be held liable.

Kua Song Tuck, Johor Bahru MCA Youth chief, urged the police to take appropriate action including assisting the bank to repossess the car. AC Zainuddin Yaakob, Johor Bahru (South) OCPD said that the police are still investigating.