Hishammuddin’s immigration transformation plan

The Immigration Department will implement a transformation programme aimed at eliminating corruption, improving efficiency and integrity to ensure its credibility. Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said the transformation programme would be headed by department director-general Alias Ahmad and focus on its quality of service and professionalism.

“Among initiatives taken will be to introduce an online service for Immigration services to avoid congestion at Immigration offices,” he told reporters at his ministry here today.

He said a separate unit and special secretariat would be set up to expedite application of visa, special pass and permits of all categories.

Hishammuddin said a ‘queue buster’ at entry and exit points, a one-stop centre and a weekend Immigration service and other value added services would be introduced.

Every initiative of the plan is aimed at reducing bureaucracy and corruption in the issuance of passports or MyKad.

Commenting on claims that about 4,000 Indians do not have identification documents, Hishammuddin was sceptical there was such a big number.

However, he welcomed the initiative by the MIC to submit such applications to the ministry.

“Actually the matter had already been brought to the attention of the cabinet. In fact our KPI for clearing backlog cases had been achieved two months ahead, early last year.

“So, now it is important to go to the ground and help those who probably did not know how to apply, or live in the interior areas,” he said.

Yesterday, Human Resources Minister S Subramaniam said it was estimated that between 3,000 and 4,000 Malaysian Indians did not have identification documents due to ignorance or other problems.

He added that 85 National Registration Department special counters will be open on weekdays and weekends to help them apply for these documents under a national-level “MyDaftar” campaign.

Meanwhile, Hishammuddin said the decision to reject the formation of an auxiliary police team in the state, stays.

“The answer is still no because it is against the constitution,” he said.
On another matter, Hishammuddin said Hindraf had never applied for a permit to hold a mass protest on February 27, calling for a ban on the Interlok novel to be used by Form Five students in schools.

He said if they decided to go ahead with the rally planned at the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC), they should be prepared to face the music.
“If they do so, they do so at their own risk, because the country has its own laws and regulations,” he said.