MACC to hit Penang

The MACC is back! After a couple of upstanding, sold-out performances in the Klang Valley, the MACC hits Penang on March 5 at Dewan Sri Pinang.

The Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians is not related to its more famous namesake except that this three-member group is, as they would put it, intentionally funny.

The MACC are Douglas Lim of former Kopitiam fame, and interlopers Phoon Chi Ho and Kuah Jenhan. But they aren’t really an association, folks, even if some have actually applied to join them.

The MACC holds firm to the belief that Malaysians have a mutiracial sense of humour, and not  multiracist one.

“Early on in my stand-up career, someone came up to me and said it is was refreshing to see different races laughing at each other as opposed to a couple of races collectively laughing at one particular race,” says one of the three MACC suspects.

And of the 1Malaysia concept? A great, free-to-use marketing campaign for the public.

“For example, instead of wan ton mee, they could use 1 ton mee,” says another MACC suspect. Ouch.

Show details: – Hide quoted text – Venue: Dewan Sri Pinang, Pulau Pinang. Time: 9 pm Date: March 5 Tickets: RM 35 and RM 50 Tickets are available at the Red Rock Hotel on Jalan Macalister, while one can contact 012- 3255965 for enquiries. (Stand-up comedy performed in English and in the spirit of 1Malaysia)