Old Penang market in rundown state

What was once a bustling day market has now become home to drug abusers, and other homeless people taking shelter.

This is the current state of the Balik Pulau old market building in Penang when Komunitikini visited the building for a quick survey recently.

Apart from signs of homeless people taking shelter in the building, the zinc roof of the building apparently is on the verge of collapse, endangering the lives of anyone who walk under the building.

A local hawker, who refused to be identified, told Komunitkini that the old market is currently under open tender and that the state government is waiting for a private entity to take over the site.

The new day market of Balik Pulau was built some two kilometers away from the old market few years ago, and the latter site has been been well-maintained by the Pulau Pinang Municipal Council.