Puchong folks and police pitch up together

Residents of Bandar Puteri Puchong 12 are gearing up to launch a community policing project with local policemen tomorrow.

The local folks have contributed generously to purchase 10 tents to station more security guards, besides equipping the guards with bicycles to make patrolling easier and more effective.

The residents association (RA) committee members also spared time to train the newly-recruited guards and meet with policemen to coordinate their activities.

RA chairman Betty Yap thanked all the committee members and volunteers who have unconditional contributed their time and effort to take over the management of the security together with the police force.

“We set up a system to manage the security guards and all security prevention. Now it’s time to undergo a trial period for both the RA and the Security Company to perform,” she said.

“In this coming Chinese New Year, all of us can ‘balik kampong’ with a peace of mind that our house will be safeguard,” she added.

The launching of Puteri 12 community policing will be held at 7.30am tomorrow at community basketball court.