RM 5 million bet for ‘more revealing clothes’

Today marks the first day of release for the 100 percent locally-made Chinese New Year movie, Great Day. Jointly produced by Astro, it reportedly cost RM 2.5 million to make, a puny sum for multinational types and their bankers, but megabucks to the local movie industry.

(L-R) Actress Yeo Yann Yann, Local director Ho Yu Hang and singer-songwriter, director Ah Niu

Golden Screen Cinemas had booked 13 halls for the gala premiere on Monday evening at GSC Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. The screening ended to thunderous applause by the invited guests, some of whom were seen dabbing the tear ducts with their hankies.

Earlier during the red carpet ceremony, director Chiu Keng Guan announced that the target for Great Day is a princely RM5 million in box office takings, and pledged to buy all the guests a lavish dinner if he meets his self-set KPI. His Chinese New Year movie of last year, Woohoo! turned industry heads by earning RM4 million within nine weeks of its release, surpassing Singapore’s The Wedding Game and Love Matters.

Lead actor, Jack Lim with family

Chiu said: “I’m considering making a sequel next year, but that really depends on this year’s sale. I’m putting all the hopes in the audiences now.”

Leading actress, Wan Wai Fun, who is also MYFM DJ promised to wear “more revealing” clothes for next year’s red carpet event if the movie is a success.