Pedestrian bridges? What for?

Pedestrian bridges might have been constructed in order to enable pedestrians to cross roads safely, but pedestrians seem to give preference to crossing the road manually rather than using the ready facility.

Last year, a middle-age man was killed when he attempted to cross the busy Jalan Pudu, near the Pudu LRT station, after he was hit by a three-wheeled motorcycle.

Despite several reports and campaigns on road safety, there are some people who would still prefer to be left in the dark, risking their own lives and in some cases their children’s lives.

Photo by Loong Wai Ting

One such location is at Jalan Kuchai Lama, near the Ajinomoto Malaysia factory. In between shifts, especially in the evening, foreign workers can be seen dashing blindly across the road to get to the other side.

A check by Komunitikini revealed that a pedestrian bridge stood readily available at the convenience for the workers.

Ignorant pedestrians also pose a threat for drivers coming from Old Klang Road, near the Taman Desa Water Park.

Trees that were planted along the bending curb makes it hard for drivers to have a clear vision of the road ahead, and such pedestrians are greatly increasing the possibility of an accident.

Komunitikini also observed that some factory workers expect drivers to slow down to let them ‘dash’ across the street, while opting against using a safer alternative such as the pedestrian bridge.

There looks to be a need for a tighter law to restrict such hazardous acts. Lives are at stake here, and with one wrong move, innocent lives can be lost.